Cara Elak Kebocoran Cloth Diaper

WHY DO MY CLOTH DIAPERS LEAK??! Here are 10 Reasons Why:

    Insufficient prewashing: Most Cloth Diapers and their inserts, depending on material, will require 3-4 washes (some even up to 8 washes) to reach their full absorbency. For newbies: Did you actually PREWASH them before using them the first time?

    (For Pocket Diapers) Inserts not properly inserted: Make sure when you stuff your Pocket Diapers, the inserts lies nicely flat inside the pocket and along the entire length of the diaper – not folded on the sides or twisted.

    Your baby pees too rapidly: The Cloth Diaper material might not absorb the pee fast enough (instead, the pee trickles on the sides or back). Consider changing to a different type of Cloth Diaper, or use another type of material.

    Your baby’s gender and sleeping pattern: For boys, try to increase absorbency on the front, and for girls on the back. Also, if baby sleep on tummy increase the absorbency on the front side and vice versa.

    Poor Fitting: Even though many Cloth Diapers are “One Sized”, however you adjust them, they might still be too large for a tiny newborn OR too small for a large toddler. Consider getting SIZED diapers instead of “One Size” for a much better fitting around the legs and back.

     Insufficient absorbency: If you are using Cloth Diapers for longer periods or during the night, consider adding extra inserts/doublers/soakers/boosters with them for additional absorbency.

Consider changing the diapers more frequently too. This can prevent leaks when the diaper gets too “full”.

    Are you wearing your Cloth Diapers correctly? If you use diaper covers, make sure it wraps the baby snugly and all diaper material is tucked inside. Also, ensure that you fasten the snaps/velcro on the waist at the right setting to get the right fit and also correctly.

    Wrong use of detergent: Have you been using detergent or cleaning materials which has any enzymes, softener, bleach, additives in them? These substances can greatly reduce the absorbency by coating the material, or even spoil the waterproof qualities of your Cloth Diapers!

    Detergent build up: After some time of usage, Cloth Diapers might have detergent trapped in them. This will cause your diapers to repel water (water just stays on the surface instead of being absorbed). You need to strip wash your diapers to remove detergent build up.

Easily said, any Cloth Diaper WILL leak once it is full. And they will also leak if the fitting or sizing is not right. Now that you know these reasons, perhaps your Cloth Diapering journey will be a more pleasant and successful affair!

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