Pakej Baby Comel Bercloth Diapers+ Wetbag+Toy


Kandungan Pakej Baby Comel Bercloth Diapers+ Wetbag+Toy

4 unit cloth diapers dengan 8 insert 
(boleh pilih daripada 22 design dalam stok,bagaimanapun sekiranya pilihan design anda telah sold out, kami berhak menggantikan dengan mana-mana design cloth diapers yg ade dlm stok kami)

1 Wetbag untuk simpan cloth diapers  

Kegunaan wetbag ini bila berjalan atau travel, anda perlukan wetbag untuk simpan cloth diapers yang kotor.
Design yg ada kami akan pilih secara rawak mengikut yg ada dalam stok


QQ Baby Printed Wetbag are are very multi-purpose!  It can be used as water resistant bags to carry soiled diapers. Whereby, you can store your soiled cloth diapers while travelling or in the daycare/nursery.  

Meanwhile, it's also come with many nice and pretty Printed design for u to choose.


【Brand】QQ Baby


【Suitable】Can fix up to 5-6 pc of Cloth Diapers


1 Permainan untuk bayi anda

Harga : 

RM100 termasuk caj penghantaran ke Semenanjung Malaysia
RM103 termasuk caj penghantaran ke Sabah/Sarawak

Saya mahu beli, Bagaimana caranya?





Cloth Diaper QQBaby Printed dengan 2 insert Microfiber

Sesuai untuk bayi 3kg-13kg


【Brand】 QQ Baby
【Level】First-class products
【Sizes】Folding  (adjustable S, M, L 3 sizes) 
【Package】QQ Baby Printed Pocket Diaper + 2 Inserts


1.Unique design of 3x3 button snap, easy to adjust different size for any age of baby weight 3kg to 13kg
2.Easy to adjust waist and leg
3.Super absorbent 3 layer inserts and inner fleece
4.Soft inner fleece to make baby feel good
5.Waterproof of outer PUL to prevent leakage
6.Made of 100% Polyster
7.This product is a washable, adjustable, economic use of the baby green diapers Diaper  

22 Design dalam stok kami..Cepat2 order ya sebelum habis stok !

Ini sahaja 22 design yang ada dalam stok kami ya..Cepat order sebelum stok habis !! 

Selalunya design baru sampai memang cepat SOLD OUT ye...Jadi, cepat2 la order

QQ01-QQ Baby Printed Design - the smurf

QQ02-QQ Baby Printed Design - animal face

QQ03-QQ Baby Printed Design - tom n jerry

QQ04-QQ Baby Printed Design - animal in cup

QQ05-QQ Baby Printed Design - looney tunes- SOLD OUT !

QQ06-QQ Baby Printed Design - blue auto


QQ07-QQ Baby Printed Design - yellow sponge bob- SOLD OUT !

QQ08-QQ Baby Printed Design - what's up duck-SOLD OUT !

QQ09-QQ Baby Printed Design - yellow chipmunk

QQ10-QQ Baby Printed Design - cars

QQ11-QQ Baby Printed Design - smurf village

QQ12-QQ Baby Printed Design - jumbo

QQ13-QQ Baby Printed Design - pink lady panda

QQ14-QQ Baby Printed Design - pink flowers kitty

QQ15-QQ Baby Printed Design - blue dino

QQ16-QQ Baby Printed Design - green papa smurf

QQ17-QQ Baby Printed Design - pale yellow animal farm

QQ18-QQ Baby Snazzy Minky Pockets: Black red love

QQ19-QQ Baby Snazzy Minky Pockets: Mysterious symbol

QQ20-QQ Baby Snazzy Minky Pockets: Green Dot

QQ21-QQ Baby Snazzy Minky Pockets: Purple Dot

QQ22-QQ Baby Minky Suede Snap Pockets: pink rabbit

QQ23-QQ Baby Printed Design - yellow pooh n friends


QQ24-QQ Baby Printed Design - pink chick

QQ25-QQ Baby Snazzy Minky Pockets: New Red Love


Nota: anda boleh memilih design cloth diapers yg anda suka, tetapi kami berhak menggantikan dengan mana-mana cloth diapers yg ade dalam stok kami sekiranya design pilihan anda telah habis.


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